A call recording solution has become a main component not only for standardized call center operations but also organizations that have in-house customer support centers. A common call recording software is just not limited to recording and systemized organizing of call records but it enables organization to achieve their stated goals when it comes to customer acquisition and client satisfaction.

On one hand, a call recording solution helps in achieving vital business KPIs such as conflict resolutions & quality assurance and at the same time they are vital to regulatory compliance that businesses have to abide by especially in banking & telecom industry. Of course, there are many options available in the market but finding a phone call recording system can be made a lot easier if following few factors are considered and all probable candidates are judged based on the criteria listed below:

Call Recording Solution Features

This is a no brainer! The important thing to remember is not to get carried away by the number of features that a call recording system has to offer but to look for the features that are required by your particular organization. If agents in your call center perform their duties only from their VoIP phones then there is no need to go for a call recording software that offers call recording for a wide range of protocols.

Few important features that you must keep an eye out for include:

  • Screen Recording – All call recording solutions are developed to record voice call but look for a recording solution that can also capture desktop screens of your agents. This can provide much needed liability protection to your business operations.
  • Advanced Call Search – Almost every solution provides the ability to search calls by extension or by date and time. Well, that’s not efficient enough. How a team lead can search calls in a free seating environment where no agent is assigned a permanent workstation? You must look for a recording software that has good amount of search criteria available so that team leads and agents can filter out calls according to their needs.
  • Listen to Live Calls – Find a solution that provides the ability to administrators and team leads to listen to live calls for agent training and to improve customer experience.
  • User Management – Call recording should only be shared with the right people as it can contain confidential information. Choose recording software that allows administrators to assign permissions to different groups of users like group admin, supervisor, and agents. This will help in defining roles to multiple users with specific privileges to different features.
  • Support for Multiple Recording Interfaces – The recording solution must provide the ability to record any type of extension such as analog or digital.
  • Download and Email Recording – Call center managers should be able to download and email recorded call files to 3rd party whenever they want.
  • Unique web interface for users – You should find a solution that provides separate interfaces for different users. This will ensure that accessibility to different features for users can be controlled.
  • System Reporting – An important feature to have in any call recording software is reporting that allow administrators to have an overview of calls dialed, received or transferred.

Easy Integration

Businesses need to understand that call centers do not work in a stand-alone environment, interaction with other portions of the business is required too. Find a call center recording solution that can be easily integrated into the PBX system that is used in your company. Even if you are using a 3rd party CRM for your business operations, your chosen recording software must be able to interact and share data with that CRM for smooth flow of business activities. There are several call recording solutions for Avaya or other major PBX platform available in the market that provide smooth integration.

Security and Compliance

Make sure that your call center recording solution has advanced encryption protocols to keep your data safe in the age of security leaks and identity thefts. Look for a recording solution that is PCI compliant to ensure the security of the recordings and to give your customers a safe and secure environment over the phone. 


And finally, one of the most important factor for any business is pricing. It can be crucial for any business if they prioritize price over their business needs but that doesn’t mean only expensive recording solutions can work effectively for your call center. Find recording solution providers that have affordable and flexible pricing but don’t compromise your business operations over it.

Future Scalability

You must invest in a call recording solution that can meet not only your immediate needs but can be scaled up to meet your long term business goals.

On/Off Site Customer Support

Many recording solutions only provide the virtual customer support. It would be a great plus if your chosen call center recording solution provides on-site customer support too.

Suite for Quality Management

An ideal call recording solution should include tools to access the quality of calls and performance of agents in those recorded calls. Option to create questionnaires and evaluate agent performance against set SOPs is also available in the best call recording software used by businesses.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right call recording solution like BlendRECORD that fits your business requirements is not an easy task. You can directly dive into the selection process if your decision making team follows the 9 factors mentioned above. Each step will bring you closer to your ideal call recording software that will help in improving customer complaints at first contact, eliminating abandoned calls and boosting the overall efficiency of call center.

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