Record each system action performed by your agents through a screen capture solution that is developed especially for contact centre staff.

Adhere to regulatory compliances with a screen recording software that can perform full time, random and on-demand screen recording.

Why BLENDCAPTURE is Best Screen Capture Solution?

Comprehensive Call Recording

When used in conjunction with BLENDRECORD, BLENDCAPTURE can record entire call lifecycle, conversation between your agent and caller, actions performed on the system by the agent during the conversation and much more.

Liability Protection

Minimize business disputes and regulatory penalties by recording screen of your agents as soon as a call is received. On screen controls available to perform on-demand recording to avoid any legal or financial liability to your business operations.

Efficient & Secure

Each second of screen time can be recorded by this intuitive screen recording solution but security of captured videos is also ensured by deploying advanced encryption protocols. Only authorized users can view these recorded calls.

As an added bonus, iNNSYT products can easily be re-branded to match the client's branding.

A Feature rich Screen capture solution for your contact centre.

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