Call Billing & Accounting made easy for sectors like Hospitality, Managed Service or SMBs. Perform real-time call tracking and deliver error free billing to your guests.

Utilize multi-tenant functionality of our call accounting software to deploy standardized pricing across your multiple hospitality sites.

Supported Platform :

How BLENDBILLING makes Call Accounting & Billing Hassle Free?

Multi-Tariff & Multi-Carrier Management

A simple interface to configure and monitor multi-carrier call tariffs plans to generate accurate call expense bills.

Hospitality Add-on

Hospitality features offered by OHL such as check-in/check-out, guest room update, pre-payment call cut-off, wake-up alarm etc. are fully supported.

Impeccable Reporting

Provides comprehensive reports to Hotel Managers about call volume & total call expenditure. Advanced filters are available to get customised reports.

As an added bonus, iNNSYT products can easily be re-branded to match the client's branding.

A Call Accounting & Billing Solution that every Hospitality Business needs.

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