An IVR solution for businesses that want a natural sounding voice to represent their brand. A multilingual IVR service for every industry.

Create unlimited IVR branches as per your call flow requirements and provide your customer a realistic experience through your self-serviced applications.

Supported Platforms :

Our powerful IVR service helps your callers in navigating through multiple checks to talk to the right company representative.

An HD quality voice with no echo, no static, no jitter and no lag will become the identity of your brand with BLENDIVR. Whether you intend to collect customer responses, answer client inquiries or want to transfer calls to appropriate teams, BLENDIVR assists you in performing all possible voice automation scenarios.

Why BLENDIVR is Best IVR Software for Businesses?

Maximizes productivity

Extract unprecedented productivity by diverting customer queries to specialized teams. As one of the best IVR solution in the market, BLENDIVR fast tracks the team training process and performance reviews become more meaningful due to targeted call traffic.

Automates Call Life Cycle

Use BLENDIVR to reduce manual processing of customer queries and provide automated assistance to your customers with tailored voice menus directing them to their desired information like flight information, account balance or credit card activation etc.

Reduces Digital Costs

Want to minimize operational costs without compromising on quality of their services? BLENDIVR helps you achieve this goal by reducing the number of resources assigned to customer service without making any compromise on the quality of those services.

Helps to Become Agile

Companies looking to automate their business processes will find a reliable resource in BLENDIVR. Organize recurring customer queries into specific categories, create homogenous & carefully crafted responses to those queries and let BLENDIVR takes care of the rest.

As an added bonus, iNNSYT products can easily be re-branded to match the client's branding.

A reliable IVR software in GCC to ease the workload of your teams

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