A solution for every customer-centric organisation that needs to elevate customer service and increase productivity.

A Screen pop-up solution that easily integrates with all major PBXs so that grievances of calling customers is addressed effectively & efficiently.

Supported Platforms:

How BLENDPOP can benefit your business operations?

Wide CRM & Database Support

BLENDPOP is developed to work with all popular CRM applications and it can integrate flawlessly with additional CRM applications and even proprietary database solutions.

Non-intrusive Contact Popping

Allows operators and agents to answer a call without disrupting their on-going screen activities. A mini task window will popup for both incoming and outgoing calls at the bottom right corner of the PC screen and can also launch the full contact record by clicking on the contact name.

Increased Productivity

Information in the popup window can be customized according to the needs of an organization. Unpaid debts, customer account number or any other useful information stored in the database can be easily configured to be displayed to the agents to maximize their productivity.

Dial out From Screen

Some CRM applications provide you with a dial out facility. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. To remedy this deficiency BLENDPOP offers a tidy solution that provides the user with hot keys which when pressed will automatically dial the number that has been highlighted “anywhere” on the PC screen.

As an added bonus, iNNSYT products can easily be re-branded to match the client's branding.

A ScreenPop solution that every business needs

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