Whether you are a company seeking next generation products for your contact center to maximize the productivity or a reseller in search of a system integrator to customize existing CTI solutions, iNNSYT has got you covered with its technologically superior product line and decades of experience in IP Telephony. Our solutions and services facilitate customers across UAE and GCC & Africa region.

Call Recording
Screen Capture
Real Time Wallboard
Are you looking for an innovative call recording solution?
Do you need on-demand screen recording for compliance requirements?
Want a visual hub to display real-time contact center stats?
Call Accounting & Billing
Emergency Alerts Notifications
Text to speech IVR
Need an automated solution to handle multiple pricing models without creating nuisance for valued clientele of your hospitality venture?
Looking for a solution that can immediately dispense critical information or a warning to a single entity or a large group of people in case of a threat?
Want an IVR solution for your customer self-service application that is easy to configure, offers language customization & has an entirely natural voice quality?
Screen Based Operators Console
Screen Pop-up Solution
Phone Locking Solution
Want an operator console solution for a front desk officer to efficiently manage internal and external calls?
Need a solution to display important information about a caller to an agent even before a call is answered?
Looking for a feature-rich phone locking solution that can automatically or manually lock phones of your agents?

Why iNNSYT is the RIGHT choice?

With decades of experience and a proven track record in the IP Telephony market with all the major players, iNNSYT offers a comprehensive range of products and services making it a one-stop-shop for businesses of all sizes.


Our partner program aims to establish mutually beneficial relationship with resellers that share our common goals and vision in GCC & MENA region.

iNNSYT partner program unlocks exclusive access to all software, datasheets and technical guides for our preferred partners to help them succeed.