Assess team performance with this easy to configure wallboard solution that supports multiple service models and has a visually appealing display.

A highly responsive wallboard software that works effortlessly on any screen size and displays analytics pertaining to your specific business KPIs.

A feature-rich wallboard solution like BLENDWALLBOARD is essential to every contact center where multiple teams receive thousands of calls on daily basis.

Do you want to elevate your staff’s performance to the standards set by the company without spending any significant amount on hardware equipment? BLENDWALLBOARD allows you to optimize workload balance and enables your managers to monitor call center activity in real-time  by displaying vital performance standards on an LCD screen that is easily visible to all of your team.

Key Benefits that BLENDWALLBOARD offers

Proactive Management

Team leads can set goals for their teams against each displayed item on the contact center wallboard. A bird-eye view of the call center activity allows managers to focus on bigger picture and ensures that issues are handled proactively to avoid any operational roadbloack.

Fact based Decision Making

Successful businesses make vital decisions backed by factual data. BLENDWALLBOARD provides most reliable data to help you make business-critical decisions like deployment of an IVR to manage workload, more training for your staff or if you need to hire more agents.

Customer Satisfaction

Bottlenecks in customer support life cycle can create a grave danger for your business interests. With a wallboard solution, your customer support managers are better equipped to identify & eradicate hurdles and provide hassle free customer support.

Target Oriented Workforce

Running a marketing campaign, conducting sales drive or even providing customer support requires a target oriented approach. We strengthen your core business model with our call center wallboard solution that can be customized to your specific needs.

As an added bonus, iNNSYT products can easily be re-branded to match the client's branding.

A wallboard software for call centers that strive for excellence

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