A Phone locking software that leverages IVR technology to easily lock your agents’ extensions.

Agents can lock their phones when they leave for the day or for a meeting to prohibit any unauthorized outgoing call from their phone.

Why BLENDLOCK is right Phone Locking software for Businesses?

Centralized Access

Setup a dedicated extension where agents are guided by an intuitive IVR to lock their phones. Special pins or passwords provide an additional layer of protection making the phone locking process robust and secure at the same time.

Vigilant Reporting

Designated administrators can track performance of phone locking software through data-rich reports allowing them to take swift action in case of any anomaly.

Smart & Secure solution

Auto lock feature restricts outgoing calls if a phone remains idle for a set time period and this time can be configured at both system and phone level. Encryption is used to secure central database containing device information and system settings.

Crisis-Ready solution

Easy to use web portal empowers administrators to lock down all phones quickly to avoid any unauthorised use.

As an added bonus, iNNSYT products can easily be re-branded to match the client's branding.

An effective Phone Locking solution for Businesses of all sizes

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